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Everything you need to know about buying a property Spain


When it comes to buying a property Spain, you will not be dissapointed with what is on offer. Spain is a country located in the South West of Europe, from which we can give many reasons to be chosen, as a first or second residence. The weather is perfect all year round, where you will find 320 days of sunshine! Apart from this incredible peculiarity, the Spanish territory consists of a great diversity of landscapes, with beaches catalogued with the blue flag year after year, and wooded and mountain areas, absolutely beautiful and incomparable.

Visit the region which you visit, you will fall in love, you will experience the history of Spain and you will be immersed in it. Spain has been built by different groups of people and cultures, throughout the history, as a result; a diverse and different culture.

Spain is one of the countries with the major longevity in the world and that is due to multiple essential factors, but specifically; gastronomy and the health system. Each community or region offers a typical menu, where a most popular dish stands out; paella, stew, gazpacho, and a host of inimitable dishes. In the field of health, we find a public health system, rated as one of the best in the world, with professionals in all specialties.

Spain is no longer just a place for people to come on holiday. the quality of life that Spain offers means that expats have been starting a new life in Spain consistantly now for over 20 years.


Spanish law does not require the intervention of a lawyer for the sale of a property to be effective, but it is highly recommended, since you will be, advised by an expert in the matter and you will have the peace of mind, ‘to be calm’. Our saying, “Buy Legal, Buy Safe.”

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The process of buying a property Spain usually runs as follows. First, the buyer makes an offer, usually through the seller’s estate agent. If this is accepted, then the buyer and seller sign a preliminary contract (contrato privado de compravento) and the buyer pays a deposit, typically 10% of the purchase price.

The buyer then arranges any mortgage they require, although they should have already discussed their needs with the mortgage provider. The contract of sale (escritura de compravento) is usually signed in front of a notary, at which point the full sale price, taxes and other costs become due.

We aim to take you from the start of the process and right up until the finish. Our services in the management of the purchase of real estate are listed below, please click the plus button to read more on each topic

Legal Study Of The Property
Simple Note
Catastral Certification
Certification Of Urban Non-Infringement
Calculate Property Tax Value
Legal & Fiscal Property Location
Reservations & Private Sale Contract
Capital Gain Calculations
Control Mortgage Cancellations
Prepare All Notary Documents & Assistance When There
Control Of Deed Collection And Registration
Change Of Ownership
Fiscal Representation


The payment for taxes that are necessary when buying a property Spain can be completed by the buyer or their agent but the responsibility of ensuring that these taxes are paid always lands with the buyer. The taxes that you will be expected to pay are listed below:

Newly built housing.

  • Value Added Tax- the tax rate is 10%.
  • Tax On Documented Legal Acts- the tax rate varies depending on the region of Spain in which it is purchased, ranges between 0.5% and 1.5%.

Used housing.

  • Transfer Tax- the tax rate varies depending on the region of Spain in which it is purchased, ranges between 6% and 10%.

Common taxes on new and used properties.

  • Real Estate Tax.
  • Urban Solid Waste Rate.
  • Income Tax Of Non-Residents.

The buyer is also responsible for registering the property. The notary may provide this service for a fee, and/or may notify the registry office that the sale has taken place, without completing full registration.


In this section we will make a brief reference to the approximate expenses involved in the management and processing of a purchase, which usually range from 2% to 3% of the purchase value of the property.

Among the professionals to take into account, and whose fees would be part of the quoted percentages, we find; Lawyer, Notary and Property Registry.

buying a property in spain guide

Notary & Hidden Defects

The services of a notary are not legally necessary to complete the sale. But it is advisable and required by many mortgages. The seller is responsible for hidden defects in the property, even if they are not aware of them. However, in practice gaining restitution for such defects can be difficult and costly.

Property Registry 

In most cases this fee can vary depending on municapilty that you live in but an amount somewhere around 400-600 euros seems fair. It is normally a standard fee also based on the selling price in the deeds.

Property Valuation 

If you require a mortgage for your purchase then the banking providing the loan will make their own valuation of the property that you are buying. The cost of this will vary depending on which bank that you are using but the avergae cost is normally around 800 euros.

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As it stands, there are no resctrictions for buying a property Spain if you are a non Spanish resident and living overseas. This remains the case whether you are buying a property to live in, commercial or land to build on. You will need to obtain your financial number, in order to get this you will need to go to a police station with your passport. the timescale for this is normally a day if you are an EU citizen but can take up to a few weeks if you are not.

In fact, Spain are now encouriging investments from all over the world both if you plan to be a resident or non-resident. They even offer investment visas that are called ‘Golden Visas’. You can secure Golden Visas if you invest more than €500,000 in Spanish property, buying one or more properties, you will normally then be automatically eligible for a residency visa. This is not a work permit, but it will allow you to live in the country. For more information on Golden Visas, continue reading our dedicated Golden Visas section below.


Buying a property in Spain or in any new country can be a complicated process and we get an abundance of questions asked about it daily. We have collated the most popular questions and created a frequently asked questions section below to help give you some clarity.
Is buying a property in Spain a good investment?

The Spanish property market is now seen as a very sustainable area for investment and recent research has shown that Spain came second out of 33 countires that were surveyed to be the best for first time buyers. 

Can a foreigner buy a property in Spain?

There are absolutley no restrctions on foreigners purchasing properties in Spain and this goes for land with a view to build on or commercial buildings. Spain encourages investment from both non-residents or residents. You’ll just need to makes sure that you have obtained your financial number which you can get from any police station, have your passport with you.

How much deposit do I need to purchase a property in Spain?

The quick answer is 30% of the property purcahse price. If you are a non-resident the maximum mortgage lend is 70% and they base this on what is lower out of the purchase price or valuation.

What are the pitfalls of buying a property in Spain?

There are many things that you must consider when investing in property in Spain, we will list the most imporant things to look out for below:

  • Location.
  • Having enough capital.
  • Understanding the process.
  • Not rushing your desicion. 
  • Organising your paperwork. 
  • Knowing exactly what is in the contract you are signing. 

Golden Visas


With the entry into force of the law 14/2013 of September supporting entrepreneurs and their internationalization, Spain presented to the world a very attractive legislative project for investors, foreigners, non-citizens of a Member State of the European Union.

With the Golden Visa, and the subsequent Investment Residency, the investor and his family are allowed the possibility of traveling to Spain and to the member countries of the Schengen Agreement, without the need to continuously apply for visas every certain period of time, in the consulate of the country of origin.

The reason for the Spanish government introducing Golden Visas was a way to help the economy bounce back from a hit back in 2013. The Golden Visa programme meant that the residecny of non-EU and other benefits that it brings could be fast tracked in return of a minium investment of 500,000 euros in the Spanish property market.

The aim was to attract foreign investors to Spain and purchase property and/or open businesses here. This would not only inject cash back into the economy but also provide Spanish citizens with more chance in finding employment. This investment visa strategy was implemented in other countries like Greece and Italy and is now widley known as the Golden Visa, with Spain being crowned as the ‘Golden Visa powerhouse’.


If you are interested in investing in Spain from abroad and obtaining residency then Golden Visas come with some huge benfits. For example, not only does the individual who is making the €500.000 investment receive Spanish residency but their entire family (children, spouse and dependents) will become Spanish residence too.

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The majority of residency options in Spain require you to live in Spain for at least 6 months of the year if you wish to maintain your residency. Whereas, with Golden Visas, the programme completely eliminates in-country requirements to reside. Golden Visas also provide you with free visa travel across all of the EU Schengen region countires. So, in short, by buying a property in Spain and investing in their economy, you can travel in and out of the counry and move freely around other EU counries whilst keeping your residency permit.

Benefits In Brief:

The initial duration of the residence through Golden Visas is 2 years. The visa lasts for 1 year and is renewable each year. The residence can be requested by a legal representative; therefore, the applicant should not necessarily be here. For the fingerprint appointment, the applicant must be in Spain. Below are more benfits of the Golden Visa:

  • It allows you to reside and work in Spain.
  • It is not required to reside 183 days in Spain for its renewal.
  • Freedom of movement within the countries that sign the Schengen Agreement.
  • Ease to group members of the family nucleus in Spain.
  • The residence can be requested by a legal representative; therefore, the applicant should not necessarily be here. For the fingerprint appointment, the applicant must be in Spain.

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Once you have made your investment and have received your Golden Visa, as long as you maintain your investment and visit Spain at least once a year, then you should have no problem in renwing your Golden Visa. But, what are the legal requirements so you can apply? In order to successfully apply for the golden residency, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • You should not already be a citizen of a country member of the European Union. This residence permit is designed for citizens from countries outside this area, who find it more difficult to get a visa.
  • Passport
  • Be of legal age (+18 in Spain).
  • Lack of criminal records, both in Spain and in any other country. Spain will take the last 5 years into consideration.
  • Have full-coverage healthcare in Spain.This can be either a private or public Health Insurance policy.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Accreditation of economic means.
  • Realise the investment in Spanish real estate (either € 500.000,00 € 1M or € 2M depending on the route chosen), and provide the corresponding document that proves it. 1m or 2m is for investments not related to real estate.

When you are obtaining Golden Visas through property purchase you will be liable for some taxes. Which taxes and how much you will be expected to pay will depend on much time of the year you will be spending in Spain. If you are living in Spain for more that 6 months of the year, you are then considered a Spanish resident and your assets and income from around the world will be taxed in Spain. If you are in Spain for less thatn 6 months of the year, then you will only be taxed on the initial purchase of your property and after that the value of your assets in spain only.




So, let us summarise Golden Visas for you and let you know how we can help. The investment visa and / or residence, known as the Golden Visa, allows, through the purchase of properties, for a value equal to or greater than 500,000 euros, the entry and stay in Spain, both for the applicant and their relatives, does not require permanent residence in Spain and provides work permit. And, finally, it is valid as long as the investment is maintained. 


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Investing in Spain is synonymous of success in economic terms or, simply, in terms of quality of life, as we have detailed at the beginning of these lines. Do not hesitate to contact our 1 Click Lawyers team, for information on any legal aspect or on the Golden Visa itself. Our fees for the processing of the purchase and the application of the investment residence, Golden Visa, range is between 1% and 2%, of the price of the property.

As a complement to our legal services, we have a series of top-quality homes, which we offer below, and, many more possibilities, through our network of agents throughout the national territory. Whether it be buying a property Spain or assistance with golden visas, 1 Click Lawyers has you covered.



Obtaining a Golden Visa is a very thorough process with a lot of moving parts. At 1click lawyers, we aim to help you every step of the way and that includes answering any questions that you may have. So, feel free to contact us anytime or maybe our frequently asked questions section below will have your question covered. 

How long can you live in Spain without residency?

Spain allows you to stay in the country for 6 months of the year without having to become a resicent. If you stay in spain long that the 183 days then you will then be considered a resident and expected to pay residence tax.

Can I keep my tax residency outside of Spain?

Yes, once you have your Golden Visa, the holder will be able to keep their tax residence outside of Spain but they must stay in Spain less than 183 days of the year.

Do Golden Visas allow me to work in Spain?

Yes! Anyone who is a holder of a Golden Visa will legally be able to live and work in Spain.

Investments in Spain


Since recovering from the financial crisis in 2008, Spain has become one of the most popular countries in the EU for overseas investors, a lot of this is down to the opportunities of buying property, buildings and land being extremely competitive. Take buying a property in Spain for example, since recovering from the average property price falling 30% during 2008 and 2014, Spain has been fighting back ever since and in 2019, the average property price raised by 6%. Investors are spotting the trend and acting fast which is a huge boost for the economy .

Spain has some of Europe’s most sought after cities like Madrid and Barcelona along with the most desirable coastal areas too with the Costa Blanca and Costa Del Sol. The property prices in Barcelona were slightly quiet for a while during the political unrest with Catalan but now as that seems to have quietened down, property investment there has woken up which has seen prices increase there now too.

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A recent poll was taken that took 33 countries into account when buying abroad for the first time. Spain came second in this poll for popularity and ease of the process. The main reasons for investments in Spain being so popular was down to 3 main factors, having reasonable and competitive property prices, the average salary increasing year on year and the cost of living being on the more friendly side. To help investors determine what their cost of living would be when moving here, we can use this cost of living calculator to get a rough idea. 

Spain has always been a hugely popular tourist destination but now, Spain is a country on the come up for businesses and with many financial advisors predicting a surge in investments in Spain after political issues such as Brexit become clearer. With London and other areas of the United Kingdom not expecting to be as attractive for investors, Spanish cities and coastal towns are set to boom. Spain is no longer a place to come for an annual 2 week holiday or to retire, it’s now a place to live, thrive and make some money!

Spain has worked extremely hard to ensure that their infostructure is equipped and capable to handle the future growth predicited in their economy. This has lead to investment oppurtunites in Spain being extremely popular especially in the property market, ICT, renewable energy, and motor sectors to name a few.


There are many different reasons as to why the Spanish economy is now thriving and why Spain is currently a leading nation to invest in. By being a member of the EU, investments in Spain will give you easy access to the consumer market of 500 million citizens that the European Union provides, as well as the European trade market. The EU has very investor-friendly policies that allow businesses to expand throughout Europe. This has led to a high demand of foreign opportunists using Spain as their base and buying a property in Spain to call home.


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The popularity of people and businesses making investments in Spain is shown clearly by the fact that 70 out of the top 100 organisations have all opened at least one branch in Spain, and that Spain is 9th on the global jurisdiction for openness to foreign investments. This is down to property prices being seen as great investments and the average wage being competitive, what may be seen as a high wage in other countries will go a lot further to the cost of living in Spain.



Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that our team receive regarding everything around investments in Spain which will cover where to invest? and what to invest in?
Is living in Spain a good idea?

Spain is an amazing place to live your life. It is known as the best place in Europe to live as an expat and second in the world. It used to be a popular place for people retiring but now, it’s hugley popular for investment opputunites to. 

Where can I invest in Real Estate in Spain?

The most exspensive places to invest in Real Estate in Spain are the two largets cities, Barcelona and Madrid, and they’re closley followed by fellow city San Sebastian. Then you have the more touristy regions like the Costa Del Sol and the Costa Blanca. Both are viable investment oppurtunies due to the forever growing demand for holiday homes and people flocking to the big citites for job oppurtuintes that will require places to live. 

Is Spain a good place to start a business?

Spain is fast becoming a fantastic country to start a business in. This is down to the competition in a lot of markets not being nearly as tough as in some other European countries. But, thats doesnt mean that it is easy. You will still need a great idea, hard work and dedication to make the most of a thriving economy. 

Properties for investments in Spain


Here at 1clicklaywers, we aim to help you at every stage of your journey from choosing what your investment should be, where it should be, obtaining your Golden Visa and completing the purchase process itself. We have connections across the whole of Spain and can find the perfect investment for you and your budget. We work extremely closes with premium Real Estate businesses like the VAPF Group and we will personally take care of anything you need when investing in Spain. This can be from if you are looking to move here to live, claim your Golden Visa or starting a business. Below we will list some examples of different types of investments in Spain.


Magnolias Design is an area intended for the building of personalised villas on the Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, facing southeast with exclusive sea views and of the Island of Ibiza. On the plots that are on sale in Magnolias Design several different types of villas have been designed. Villas with a contemporary style, a pure and elegant design, a layout made out so the sea and the light of the Mediterranean invades the interior of the homes. Also we can find open day areas where the kitchen meets, with the help of a central island, the living room/dining room, and these meet with the porch and terrace, as the sliding glass door that separates them allows you to connect the inside with the outside

example of investments in spain

There are several designs, all of them with three bedrooms and two bathrooms on the main floor. Some of the designs provide the opportunity to extend to four bedrooms if you would like to, as they have a lower floor with an open-plan area and a private porch, which would allow you to do so. All of the apartments include a garden and a covered parking space. A modern project, built with qualities that meet the expectations of its design, which provides us a unique opportunity to live on the Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol.


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More Around Magnolia:

Magnolias Design, an exclusive residential estate in the Cumbre del Sol Residencial Resort, in Benitachell, between Jávea and Moraira, Northern Costa Blanca which is a thriving area for investments in Spain. A residential estate located in unique natural surroundings, protected by Puig de la Llorença massifand the Granadella Natural Park, with scenic paths through Mediterranean vegetation, and a coast line with beautiful coves, among which we can highlight Cala del Moraig, with crystal-clear water and a unique seabed. If you require any information on this property or development then you can contact us or view Magnolia’s dedicated page.

Details Of Property:

  • Development: Magnolias Design
  • Model: PURE DESIGN
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2M2 
  • vivienda: 328 m2
  • M2 parcela: 830 m2
  • Price: PILOTO
  • Quality: Plus
  • Style: Modern


A development which, due to its location, enjoys the spectacular sea views which Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol is internationally renowned for. A truly perfect spot for those looking to enjoy the Mediterranean climate and wonderful sunrises, in a private residential complex next to the seaBlue Infinity Block C consists of 24 luxury apartments that highlights for their dimensions, all with 3 bedrooms, with surfaces over 240m2 and terraces from 40m2, with distributions designed to enjoy the sea views, to have bright rooms, details that achieve a modern and elegant design.

example property investments in spain

This, together with equipment, both in materials and in technology aimed at achieving highly energy efficient homes, make them ideal both for living throughout the year, and for enjoying holiday periods. Each apartment also has a covered car parking space with pre-installation for charging point for electric cars and a storage. These luxury apartments on the Blue Infinity development are currently under development and proving popular so we would advise getting in touch as these are an ideal option for investments in spain.


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More Around Blue Infinity:

Blue Infinity is equipped to meet the needs of the most discerning customers, with interior spaces designed to enjoy the Mediterranean climateOn the first floor of the building we find the common areas composed of several spaces for leisure and relaxation. Outside infinity swimming pool and solarium to enjoy sunbathing, gym with dressing rooms and bathrooms, wellness facilities with heated pool with jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish bath, various showers and relax area, everything you need to relax in front of the Mediterranean sea. If you require any information on this property or development then you can contact us or view Blue Infinity’s dedicated page.

Details Of Property:

  • Development: Blue Infinity
  • Model: Modelo B, Planta +1 Izq
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Total sqm: 246 m2
  • Price: 555,000 €
  • Quality: LuxuryStyle
  • ModernRef: RFC02

Map of Spain